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Centralized meter reading system (wireless networking)

Centralized meter reading system (wireless networking)

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◆  AMR-RF intelligent meter reading system is a wireless transmission of smart meter reading system products, which consists of table unit, link unit, loaded with Jia Ronghua-AMR intelligent meter reading system management software master computer composed of three parts. Among them, the watch unit includes a photoelectric direct reading wireless meter (water meter, direct drinking water meter, hot water meter and gas meter)。 The link unit includes an AMR-JZ-W concentrator and an AMR-CJ-W collector。 The system can maximize the user's follow-up and operation, to achieve real sense of staying at home, smart meter reading.

◆   Jia Ronghua AMR-RF wireless intelligent meter reading system based on the wireless communication link transmission architecture, by the trunk, relay, extended network composed of three, the system network shown below。

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